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Mwanga Hakika Bank LimitedMwanga Hakika Bank LimitedMwanga Hakika Bank Limited
+255 747 666 511
Mwanga Hakika Bank LimitedMwanga Hakika Bank LimitedMwanga Hakika Bank Limited



All our customers enjoy 24/7 ATM services any place and any time in Tanzania. MHB ATM are found in all Umoja switch placed ATM service all over the country.

  • Customers who have the MHB mtoto account, MHB msomi account, MHB personal account, Premium account, Salary account, Business current account, MHB pamoja account together with MHB ATM card can now register for MHB Mobile Banking.
  • Your PIN is a secret code; do not share with anyone at any time, be aware of the people calling and requesting your information and MHB Mobile PIN.

MHB Wakala is MHB Bank approved and well trained business entity or Individual , allowed to provide specific services on behalf of MHB Bank as per Bank of Tanzania regulations & guideline.

  • To be used only for offloading and uploading of the leaf
  • No minimum
  • Cash withdrawal is allowed
  • No monthly charges
  • No withdrawal charges
Services available at MHB Wakala:
  • Cash deposit to any MHB Bank account, free of charge
  • Cash withdrawal at any MHB wakala using our MHB Bank cards
  • Save time - agents services are queen-less and hence very fast
  • Save costs - eliminate distances and makes it cheaper to access banking service
  • Reduce cash risk for customers who wish to deposit before moving or traveling
  • Extend Banking services hours- MHB wakala operates ahead of branch closing hours and some available 24 hours.
Do you want to be MHB Wakala? Here are requirements:
  • Valid business licence
  • TIN Number
  • Certificate of registration in case of SACCOS or NGOs
  • Complete MHB agent application form
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of identity
  • Three passport size photographs
  • Proof of current account with bank

This is a Brand name of Mwanga Hakika Bank Mobile services. This is mobile service that enable our customers to get access to bank services on their palm/hand.

  • Customer should dial *150*45#
  • Local Operator: Tigo , Vodacom, Airtel , Halotel, TTCL, and Zantel
  • MHB mobile PIN code be given through telephone for security reasons, if you have forgotten your PIN please call customer service number + 255 747 666 511 or visit our near Branches to reset. You an also reset your PIN via dial *150*45#
  • Enable MHB customers with MHB ATM cards to register for MHB mobile
  • Enable to receive alerts for every transactions made, sending/ receiving money or bill payments.
  • MHB mobile is safe banking system and no one else except yourself can access it. Just remember to keep your mobile PIN and ATM PIN to yourself.

This is the international payment services offer the fastest and safest SWIFT and TISS services, for both inwards and outwards telegraphic transfers for currencies such as USD , EURO.

Our customers only contribute a flat fee for outgoing SWIFTs service irrespective of the amount being transferred.

  • It is a quick way of fund transfer
  • It takes less than 5 minutes if the information received is valid
  • It save time and it is less paper work

Internet Banking allows our customers to have full control of their business banking in terms of user and access permissions in a simple, convenient and secure manner.